Teamfight Tactics


Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is an auto battler game developed and published by Riot Game as a spinoff of League of Legend (LoL), the globally well-known MOBA game released by Riot Game. The game is played by eight players who build a team by drafting and deploying with a revolving roster of LoL champions to fight each other. During each round, two players are matched randomly and battle with one another with the team they construct. The one who is the last standing last play is regarded as the only winner in this game. The game released as a LoL game mode for Microsoft Windows and macOS in June 2019 and as a standalone game for Android and IOS in March 2020, featuring cross-platform play between them.

Intro video of Teamfight Tactics

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Lens #9: The lens of Elemental Tetrad


  • Round-based, auto battler game, playing with computer-controlled enemies.
  • Diverse game modes with exciting mechanics (e.g., Normal, Ranked, Hyper Roll, and Doble up).
  • 50+ champions are taken from LoL universe as units with unique skills and sharing traits.
  • Over 20 types of synergies are activated by construct a team with one or multiple units with the same traits.
  • 50+ items can be equipped on each unit to provide unique effect.
  • 100+ Hextech Augments randomly assigned in each game, bringing various buffs.
Unit cheat sheet


  • The aesthetics components mainly consist of tactician skins, arena skins, and units.
  • Tactician skins and Arena skins have various themes along with unique movement, and sound effect. Some may also have unique attack effect and quotes.
  • Each unit has its own concept art and in-game character art. The concept art appearing in the unit shop, is a detailed, concise, informative image, which interpret trait of the unit. The in-game character art is chiefly made up of skill effect, death action, and celebration for victory.
Tactician skin: Chibi Firecracker Jinx


  • TFT has different theme in each season and every theme all has a main story background behind it, which is shared with LoL.
  • For example, the theme in S6 is called Gizmos & Gadgets, which has the story telling love and hate between a couple of sisters, Vi and Jinx.


  • Same as LoL, TFT has a very low minimum hardware requirement to access the game.
  • TFT features cross-platform play between Android and IOS for its mobile version.

Len #41: Skill vs Chance

  • The way to get the units in this game is through purchasing at unit shop (randomly provide 5 units), picking up in Carousel round (A shared pool where players will be able to choose the unit equipped with item in an ordered arranged from the last place to the first place), loot drops by beating bot-controlled in-game enemies in some particular rounds. In this case the units and item are gained by chance and luck. However, relying solely on luck cannot guarantee you win. Making a good use of the chance, working out proper strategies in time is the winning formula in this game.
  • In TFT, Flexibility is what make a person a good player. Given that the unit assigned to a player is totally random, the players may be unlikely to built up the team as their plan at first. Thus, players need to shift in thinking, establishing a team centering around the units which players already have.  
  • In TFT, you will get passive income for free each round, which will be influenced by win streak, lose streak and interest. For the “ever-victorious general”, they will be given more gold as a regard. For the one who is in lose streak, likewise, they will be given more income per round as compensation. Besides saving money is also important in this game. The amount of interest you get is related to every 10 gold you have up until 50. In TFT, gold is the primary resource, so how to make maximum use of gold, how to earn golds based on the basic of econ in this game is the key skill need to be mastered by players.
The gold amount and

Lens #1: Emotion

  • I feel quite excited every time I refresh the shop, because I need to pay 2 golds for refreshing, which is like a gamble. Your golds may or may not bring something back.
  • Also, during the fighting, I am not able to know the next rival I will be up against. The uncertainty brings a lot of emotions beyond excitement.
  • Due to the difficulty to be a winner, the pleasure, excitement, and sense of achievement are all beyond words when I was the last standing player.
Carousel round

Lens #27: Time

  • The average time for one game is around 45mins. Since the mechanic, winner stands to the end, every player wants to stay in gameplay longer. No one will be bored about the longer gameplay time, conversely, players will feel more excited when it is closing the end of a game.
  • TFT gives players 15secs buffer time between each fight. Players must make a quick decision of whether to buy XP or reroll the shop and how to position units in this short period of time, which makes the game more exciting.

Lens #96: Friendship

  • TFT shares the same friendship system with LoL which means we can join a game with our friends in LoL and enjoy fighting against your friends and in-game communication with friends.
  • TFT published a new game mode called Double up last year, in which players join the game as a team of two, so that we can not only compete with friends but also cooperate with them. In Double up, a team member can send the units and items he has to the other one, and also support the other one after he beats his enemy.
Game mode: Double up