Microsoft Mesh – Metaverse as a social construct

The Metaverse is a social construct.
It only exists because we collectively deem it so.
We invent complex economic systems, written and spoken modes of communication, so that we can better cooperate as a species.
We construct laws, conform to social norms so that we require less overhead when collaborating with one another.
Simple acts like buying food from a restaurant requires a complex supply chain powered by collaboration that is only made possible by such systems.

At the heart of all such systems is connection, which this demo emphasise deeply on.

It paints a future where the Metaverse, expressed in various forms, lives closely in harmony with our work.
It focuses deeply on showing how it “gets out of the way” when it’s no longer required.
It shows how it can be additive, preferring mixed reality over completely immersive experiences frequently found in VR demos.

I really like how it makes use of a sentimental soundstage to further generate resonance.

While it helps to paint a harmonious future, it doesn’t actually educate the audience what Microsoft Mesh is.
I think that should be improved by adapting the scenes to directly show what role Mesh plays.

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