Grand Theft Auto 5 game review

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video (how the game is being played)

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a mimic of the America City, Los Angeles. As a player, you are in control of a character in the game to explore the city and do missions along the way. You literally feel like you are a citizen of the city as you get to do all kinds of things from sleeping on the bed to buying groceries to talking to anyone on the street. The world created in the game is huge and there are different characters with different abilities to be used. There is also a unique storyline to the game which gets harder as time passed by.


Everything in the game is controllable so the player is in full control to do anything he or she wants to achieve. There is a list of missions to choose and I can decide which mission to embark on. There is close to no penalty in the game as you will be revived at the latest saved check point. As a result, the player can explore different options or ways to accomplish the mission in any number of attempts.

Lens of Surprise:

GTA 5 is filled with surprises. To start off, as a citizen of the city, I can already do all kinds of things such as buying guns, stealing cars and even fight random people I dislike in the game. It is even more surprising when some of them fight back with me, making the interactions more realistic. On top of that, the missions vary a lot. From simple missions like delivering things from places to places to fighting the cops. I also get to drive a wide variety of vehicles to travel around such as bicycle, sports car, helicopters, speed boats and even airplanes. All these things which cannot be done in the real world can be achieved easily in the game.

Lens of Fun:

Personally, I really enjoyed playing GTA 5. Although GTA 5 has a well-developed storyline and missions for players to complete, the player can also do anything they want in the city. You can simply ignore the missions provided and talk to random people to gather different responses. Or you can choose any car and owns them. Basically, you are like the king of the game. Even though the cops will come and chase after you if your wanted level increases, the thrill of running away or fighting against them is really fun. Even if I am “busted” (caught), I will be revived at the previous checkpoint which I saved. This allows me to explore the city and play the game in any way I enjoy.


Lens of the Player:

I feel that a player who plays games want to do something which cannot be done in the real life. This can bring the player from the real world into the virtual world and do whatever he or she wants. The virtual world needs to be as realistic as possible so that the player can link things in the virtual world to the real world. Ultimately, the game should allow the player to be excited and engrossed in playing it. The player should not feel bored or do mundane things but things that pose a challenge to him or her to continue playing the game.


Lens of Pleasure:

In GTA 5, I feel that I really get to experience the character of the storyline built by the creator. As a result, I feel really absorbed in the game. I also get to experience characters with other background. However, all these characters are limited. I thought that it will be really joyful to have more options when talking to different people. This can create an even more realistic view of the virtual world. Although the missions are fun but ultimately upon completion, there isn’t much more things to explore. Hence, it will be cool to have a score system to compete with different players in GTA 5, increasing the competition and making it more challenging.


Lens of Beauty:

I really enjoyed the graphics of GTA 5 however it certainly can be improved. Each human is rendered using relatively large polygons, hence able to see small uneven edges on the face etc. I believe that some of the features can be rendered more clearly. All these things may not be so significant when I saw the view of the city from the sky. In the general perspective, everything looks so beautiful and I am so amazed at how far this city in the game stretches. I would appreciate more if more things in the game can be customized to suit the artistic beauty of each player.

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