V/A/MR Devices Review

List of latest V/A/MR HWs that are great

Oculus Quest 2
Valve Index
Hp Reverb G2
Vuzix Blade Smart GlassesMicrosoft Hololens 2
Magic Leap One

Besides the specs and prices, my main criteria for determining what makes a good VR/MR device is how well it looks and feels when a real user is using it. As there is no way I can test all of them out, I had to rely on videos of users testing it out or live demonstrations. There were a lot more devices that have been recently released but due to lack of footage beyond just demo videos with actors and fancy VFX (which definitely isnt a reliable way to gauge how well the real product works), I did not consider them when coming up with this list.

My favourite VR device

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is definitely most well-rounded VR headset right now that is extremely affordable at around $300USD. It being a stand alone means people like me who don’t own a PC (yet) will still be able to play games on it. And even if you do own a PC, this headset is also compatible with PCs, allowing you to play more graphically demanding games on it.

Its specifications I feel, though not ground breaking like some other more expensive choices, are decently good enough with 1832×1920 resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and FOV of 92º, for one to feel immersed in the virtual world. Reviewers have also pointed out that it has good tracking, so your head and hand movements are realistically reflected in the virtual world.

Even though people have pointed out a down-side is needing a Facebook account to use it, there’s nothing stopping you from just creating a brand new fake account just for this VR device.

I will definitely be considering buying this headset once I have money and time for gaming.

My favourite MR device

Microsoft Hololens 2

I have got to say out of the 3 MR devices listed above, watching the live demonstrations of what Hololens 2 can do really got me wanting to try it out myself. A few features really made it stand out from the other devices.

Firstly, is its hand-tracking ability – it is fully operational with just your hands! Personally, I feel that being able to interact with virtual objects directly without controllers will really allow users to feel fully immersed in the mixed reality.

Another feature was its audio feedback. Pressing or moving a virtual object will respond with clicky sound effects, as if those were real objects being touched. Good visual and audio feedback paired together makes objects feel more present.

As expected from its hefty price tag, this device certainly has the best specifications out of all the other MR devices. Its resolution, refresh rate, field-of-view are all better than its current competitors (those that have been released) and will definitely demonstrate a better and more realistic user experience.

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