Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

One of the few VR games I had the chance to try is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This game runs on the Playstation 4 with Playstation VR and was released in 2016. The player is sited in a wagon and is taken around different levels. He has access to one gun in each hand, controlled by Playstation Move controllers, and his goal is to shoot at the targets / foes appearing before him. I think that this kind of game can be very engaging because it immerses the player even more into the game environment thanks to the VR headset. There are already many VR games available on the market, however the technology used in these games is not yet very mainstreamed. It requires the user to buy complement equipment in addition to the console or computer where the game runs. There is still a lot of improvements that can be done to bring VR games to an even higher level of quality, affordability, and availability. I think that a game like this one is a push forward and can engage not only the public that will play the game but other developers that are looking to make even better VR games as well.

The immersion is a crucial factor in a VR game. Having played the games myself, I found to be pretty much well immersed into the game. Despite not being a very recent one, and using some aging technology, this game has proven to me that there is no need to be very realistic to have the most advanced level of immersion. It might be a personal reaction, but for me, the horror side of the game was really engaging to me. It was the characteristic that was keeping me trapped into the game for many hours. Immersion, the most important feature in a VR game, was for me totally met.

As I said earlier, the technology used to display the game is a little bit old. In result, the quality of the headset is not the best of all, sometimes my vision gets blurry, especially if I look on the sides of the VR headset screens. After some time playing the game, I could feel some dizziness due to a poor quality of rendering graphics, which altered with my immersion. That feature can definitely be improved with time as the technology evolve, as it has already been proven with some more recent hardware.

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