XR application : Use of XR in the medical field

XR is getting more widely used, from recreational to educational purposes, its application is getting more and more engraving in our lives. One particular useful example is the use of XR for the medical field.

Five Ways VR Is Being Used In Modern Healthcare - VRScout
trainee on brain surgery exercice

The aim of this XR application is to help trainee to gain experience during their formation. It helps to bring better doctor and improve the quality of the healthcare field. Thus, it helps curing more efficiently patients, which is a topic I am very passionate about.

Helping people is always an engaging cause, thereby, helping our futures doctors are also beneficial to this cause.

As we all now, the medical path is really complicated, and future doctors have their patients’ life in their hands. Trainee surgeons are in dire need to train for operating clinical interventions and the use of bodies given for science are still nowadays a must, but they can be overused by the time.

However, with XR, they now have the possibility to perform a surgery in their real environment without a need of a physical body. Thus, trainees can try multiples times in an XR environment before operating on a body and lastly on a patient. They can also operate with multiple people which makes them more into a real-life situation they could face. Surgical tools can also be used in the XR with the help of captors which helps the students to get used to handling the needed material. Another well-made feature is the stats display : the stat of the virtual patient is changing like a real one, thus, if someone accidentally cut an artery, it can leads to the “patient death”.

AR/VR in Healthcare: Surgery, Meditation & Medical Practice | WeAR Blog
virtual patient with stats

Nevertheless, there is still room for improvements, such as the realism of the patient, of having resistance while performing the surgery. Indeed, the resistance of cutting or pinching tissues are playing an important part of the surgery, because a specific pressure needs to be applied depending on the handled tissue. Applying to much pressure can lead to cut another organ, cut too deeply or touch a nerve, which can leave great consequences to the patients. On the other hands, applying not enough pressure will require several cuts, which can leave bigger scars, a more difficult time to stitch back the tissues and a wrong cicatrization. Other features to improve can be the stats realism and accuracy and the database of possible train surgeries.

Using augmented reality (AR) to train health-care providers from virtually  anywhere - Hospital News
virtual patient on surgery block

To sum up this review, I would say that the XR in the medical field is an important topic that can improve a lot the quality of the medical students as well as the performance and the success rate of the surgery operations. It will also help to balance the shortage of the bodies that have been given for sciences purposes. However, besides its great help, we should not forget to improve its realism and try to improve this aspect graphically and physically speaking, such as replying to different pressure levels.

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