Minecraft VR Experience

With the recent trend of virtual reality, many games have tried to create a VR version of their world, and Minecraft is one of the more popular game that has succeeded in converting its world into virtual reality. Minecraft is a sandbox video game where the environment and its inhabitants are made up of blocks.

Being a classic game many people have played before, introducing the VR version brings a new sense of experience in exploring the virtual world. The activities from the original version could be done inside the virtual world, with a more feeling of closeness. One can feels more close to the world as compared to seeing it through the screen as the player movement is followed closely which bring a higher sense of control inside the world. Mining and killing enemies is also more exciting as hand movement is required to execute the order which make it more interactive as compared to clicking a button. Hence the VR version of Minecraft helps to create a more interactive experience for the players to enjoy inside the world.

However, some people might not be familiar with the experience that comes along with VR. Some might feels that they are too close to the world and might feels excessive emotion such as being scared when a explosive creeper appear out of nowhere inside the virtual world as compared to just appearing on the screen. Some might get VR motion sickness as their movement inside the world might be too excessive like when falling of a cliff. Therefore, not everyone would enjoy Minecraft VR as different people have different expectation of the virtual world and some experience are hard to be compromised for everybody. Nevertheless, some of the experience could be toned down as not everyone is well versed with virtual reality and some of them might be newcomers to virtual reality.

In conclusion, I feels that it is good that many games such as Minecraft are trying out VR version of their worlds to bring out a new gaming experience. However, not all games can be converted into virtual reality and some games should remain as it is as the VR version might be a disappointing experience in the end. Overall, Minecraft itself is a great game and the VR version attract people that want to experience more of its world.

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