Bomb Squad

Description of BombSquad

BombSquad is a video game which runs on the Mac and Ouya platform and it allows up to 8 players in a game by connecting from a variety of controllers (PS3 controllers, XBox 360 controllers, most USB/Bluetooth gamepads and iOS/Android devices via ‘BombSquad Remote’ app). It’s basically a simple game where your character get to jump, punch, throw and bomb to defeat the opponent and aim for the goal. There’s a few mini-games ranging from Capture-the-Flag, Bomber-Hockey, King-of-the-Hill, Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination etc. with different goals in it.

Lens #25: The Lens of Goals

• BombSquad has a clear goal for each of its mini-games making it simple for people who are new to the game to just pick it up in no time.

• The goal is achievable and rewarding at the same time. Users will have a sense of satisfaction when he or she achieves the goal.

• There are both short and long term goals. Short term goals which is in the mini-game itself, and long term goal which is to unlock each mini-game in order to proceed to the next stage.

For example:

• The goal of Capture-the-Flag is capturing the enemy’s flag and bringing it to its own territory.

• The goal of Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination is to reach the peak of hill to touch the flag. Players will be in slow motion.

Lens #38: The Lens of Competition vs. Cooperation

• BombSquad is a mixture of competition and cooperation, as the game is best played with multiplayers (up to 8 players), players are given a choice to be in a team or in the opposing team with a friend, which means they’re given a choice to compete or cooperate in the game with other players. (Teams 2-8 players)

• There is also options for players to play freely and not have any teams (no cooperation) but to compete individually (individual competition). (Free-for-All 2-8 players)

Lens #42: The Lens of Simplicity/Complexity

• BombSquad has the right balance of simplicity and complexity. Its complexity rises out of the fairly simple system as the concept of the whole game is pretty simple.

• The complexity comes in when there are obstacles to reach the goal such as bombs, opponents punching, lifting and throwing you off the arena and so on.

Lens #44: The Lens of Character

• BombSquad has being made to be lovable as it has some funny qualities inserted into it.

• Characters in BombSquad are interestingly designed as little creatures, and the game becomes hilarious from the way they run around, to the moments where you can attach a sticky bomb on someone’s face, you can also pick someone up throw them off the arena, freezing them and other ways to attack the opponent.

• The graphics and the background music of the game enhance a jokey atmosphere and making the game to not be taken seriously.

Lens #84: The Lens of Friendship

• BombSquad is being designed in such a way that it is most fun when played with friends.

• It can break the ice among people as it either requires cooperation to defeat the opponents or have to have competition among one another.

• Its sense of humour in the game alone will allow players to want to talk and laugh about it, that’s when people build friendship through playing BombSquad.

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