Website: is a 2D web-based online survival game.
It was developed by two indie developers, LapaMauve, who have also built several other web-based “.io” games.
It’s similar to games like Rust and DayZ.

There are no objectives.
You spawn in a harsh environment with nothing.
To survive, you have to battle the cold, stave off hunger and defend against ghouls who actively pursue you at night.

Farm resources, craft, or build a base.

The longer you survive, the stronger the ghouls.
And most importantly, the more attractive your loot is to other players.

Players join persistent* live servers.
When you die (or log off), you drop all your inventory and all your buildings gets destroyed.

Elemental Tetrad
The client was developed using Javascript with libraries like [GitHub – schteppe/p2.js: JavaScript 2D physics library](
The backend runs on NodeJS.

* Destructible environments.
* Crafting and resource gathering.
* Proximity text chats (you can only see messages of people nearby you).
* Linear projectiles (e.g. bullets)

There is no official “story”.
The stories in the game are formed by the players — their meta-relationships.

The graphics are simple.
Audio is used sparingly. Only player interactions e.g. shooting, gathering, as well as environment effects (radiation).

The aesthetics are designed to help manage the player’s attention. is a tense game. At any moment, you can be killed and lose all your progress.
The slightest distraction can be game ending.
It’s imperative that they be minimised, and Devast accomplishes this very well.

Lens of Competition vs Cooperation
* Resources regenerate every day/night cycle.
* Rare resources are located in small zones to encourage competition (and cooperation).
* Rare resources are also located in radioactive zones, encouraging cooperation (who can form a team strong enough to defend the zone and get ahead?)

Lens of Time
Being an ephemeral browser-based game where your progress gets reset the moment you die or log off, the game’s pace has to be **fast**.
The day and night cycle only lasts 15 minutes.

* Daytime is for farming and gathering.
* Players are hunted by ghouls (NPC enemies) at night.

Lens of Expected Value
* Crates are scattered throughout the map, that have a chance of spawning rare loot (e.g. weapons).

Lens of Imagination
* Build anywhere, destroy anything.
* Many possible strategies to attack and defend (e.g. building walls around a player’s base to starve them)

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