Asphalt 8


This game consists of several stages (each stage contains a number of different type of races such as ‘classic’,  ‘drift’ and ‘infected’) in which the next stage can only be unlocked once sufficient points is accumulated by playing the races in current stage. I had chosen to do an observation and analysis, playing the classic race mode in which the goal is to compete with 5 other Artificial Intelligent (AI) cars to reach the finishing line first. The car runs on free acceleration as the player does not have to press any key to accelerate. The player however, has to press anywhere on the left side of the screen to apply the brake or to reverse, and on the right side to activate nitrous.


My Experience

  • This game is very thrilling as my emotions throughout the game constantly changes according to the situation of the game. This experience is governed by the lens of surprise and fun. I am elated and satisfied when I win or overtake an AI. However my feelings are reversed and stress takes over when I am losing or when I am re-spawning after a crash. It is an anxious filled situation while guarding the other AIs from overtaking me.
  • Much focus and attention is needed during the process of overtaking and the resistance from being overtaken. This is contributed by the lens of flow. As I am playing this game, I realized that I become oblivious to my surrounding. I recognize noise and conversations occurring in my environment but my ability to process them is impeded. Upon completion of my game, I would try to recall if there were any significant conversations that I may have heard while playing the game.
  • The interest and captivation of the game is not limited to a simple concept of racing. The game poses a career mode in which the player has to continue playing each stages to unlock the next stage and eventually unlock all the super cars. This progressive mode allows me to pass through stages upon winning and collect money or credits which can be used to upgrade or buy a better car as the AIs will get tougher in following stages. This is contributed by the lens of endogenous value.
  • Being a lover of cars, the experience of virtually owning expensive cars and modifying them to my personal taste and preference gives me much satisfaction although the game does not contribute to a real driving experience; the lens of the player.

Friend’s experience

  • He commented that the inability to win the race contributes to his frustration. He also claims that boredom strikes when there is a lack of challenge, for example when he is leading and the AI are too far behind him. This particular incident which rarely happen has violated the lens of challenge.
  • He also said that the different kind of races such as classic and drift, prevents him from getting bored of the game as there are variations to the expectations and goals of each game. This factor is contributed by the lens of goal.
  • He also mentioned that the game is quite fair. This is because, for different stages, the AI car performance are limited to certain capability. As long as our car is in the same category to be competed in that stage, then there are equal chance of winning and losing the game. The game indicates a minimum required performance level for the car in order to stand a chance win a particular selected race in a particular stage of the game. This is not only fair to the player, but also equally fair to the AIs. This is governed by the lens of fairness and competition.
  • Unlike me, my friend exploited the game quite adventurously. Rather than just overtaking the AI and preventing them from overtaking him, he tend to overtake the AI by crashing them in a way that will make the AI to re-spawn. As this functionality is supported by the game, he takes full advantage of it. His curiosity in finding out what will happen to the AI when he bang on to them is contributed by the lens of curiosity.



  • Through the comparison based on the observation above, it is evident that different player undergoes different emotions while playing the game. While I feel nervous in the process of winning the game, my friend feels a sense of determination instead of nervousness. While I experience defeat and dissatisfaction upon losing a game my friend feels a rush of frustration and stronger emotions of failure. On the other hand, winning gives satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment to both of us.
  • The approach taken by myself and my friend varies as we attempt to achieve the same goal. I played the right way by overtaking the opponent and preventing them from overtaking me  However, my friend achieves the same goal by crashing the opponents down and using their defeat as an advantage to clinch the first position. This proves that players might explore the game play from outside of the structured and regulated or ‘correct’ way of playing. In some cases, that might be a more interesting approach for the player.
  • A player might select this game due to his interest in racing games or have significant interests in cars thus motivating them to continue playing this game. Both me and my friend possess significant interest in cars thus we continue playing this game in order complete all the stages and buy the most expensive car in the game.
  • On the other hand, the contributing factor that may interest a player who may not possess prior interests in cars or racing might find this game thrilling due to its progressive feature, as many people are motivated to succeed, win and collect rewards. Furthermore, the element of excitement and addictiveness which was truly engaging for me and my friend could be a key factor to attract more players.
  • In any game, the motivation to continue playing is contributed by rewards for effort. This means that the player is rewarded by winning for putting in the effort of strategic planning, time, focus and attention and various contributing factors. The reason for mine and my friend’s continuation to playing this game is because of the fairness and competition of this game. The thrill and challenge to succeed is reasonable and attainable. The challenge is reasonable enough for me and my friend not to give up on playing, and enough to keep us thrilled. The fairness is expressed when we are awarded for our efforts.

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