Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings

Legacy of Discord is a mobile 3D action RPG by Youzu Games based on Hong Kong, which runs on both Android and iOS. It has currently 5 million downloads on Android as is emerging as one of the top trending games in the market. It is mainly a single player game that focussed on completing quest that is in a form of stages, with some elements of CO-OP and PVP. It offers high quality graphics with a lot of emphasis on character customization. Generally, the character’s ability is usually overpowered and can easily fight monsters without much trouble. As continuously playing stages after stages can be repetitive and boring, the game also implemented an auto-fight function that allows an AI to play on your behalf, saving you many taps on the screen. Overall, this game has a very low difficulty rating and can be easily picked up by anyone.





Lens #9: Elemental Tetrad


  • There are 5 chapters, each chapters consisting of 15 stages
  • The goal is to win every stage to proceed to the next chapter
  • Each stage is accompanied by a NPC quest that runs part of the storyline
  • As the character progress, more of the storyline will be revealed
  • As the stages are cleared, gold and weapons are rewarded to upgrade the character’s skill set and stats
  • More features are unlocked, such as PVP, as the player levels up


  • Well polish environment with well embellished maps
  • Animations are very flashy and captivating
  • 3D models are detailed with very nice texturing
  • Sound and music gives of a fantasy yet heroic vibe
  • Overall aesthetic is medieval fantasy


  • Story is broken into 5 chapters, namely Story of the Light, The Dark Invasion, Betrayal and Revenge, The Predestined, and Unbreakable Alliance
  • The game takes place in Aurora, a world which have been taken over by the evil
  • Totems in the world, called Crystals of Light, has been corrupted by darkness and transformed into Crystals of Darkness
  • The player’s goal is to purify the crystals by defeating monsters that spawn in each stage
  • While on the mission to purify, the player will learn more about the history of Aurora as it unfolds every chapter


  • Basically a point and touch game that utilizes the touchscreen of smartphones
  • No other significant technology is being used here

Lens #24: Novelty

  • A main aspect of the game is the limitless character customization
  • As the player levels, he/she will gain access to more fanciful outfits
  • One key equipment is wings, which looks really nice and grand
  • Players who walk around with big wings that show off their prowess to other players in the area
  • The animations of the spells are flashy and detailed, however, it does not evolve through the game and stays stagnant, which may wear off the novelty factor

Lens #46: Reward

  • This game has a huge reward system. The most obvious one will be the reward that is given right after completing a stage
  • Completing NPC quests(which involves talking to different NPCs and completing stages), also rewards the player with gold and crafting materials
  • There is also daily login bonus to encourage players to play everyday
  • In addition, everyday there is a time bonus where the longer you play the game within the same day, the more rewards you can get
  • VIP members can claim even more high grade items as daily rewards, encouraging players to spend money to upgrade their status

Lens #52: Economy

  • There are many different currencies in the game
  • Gold is the most common currency which are pretty useless apart from upgrading your equipment and levelling up your skills, and hence they are awarded freely
  • Diamonds on the other hand is a cash item, where players have to use real life money to purchase them
  • These diamonds can be exchanged for rare items, which are used to either craft equipment with very high stats, or equipment themselves that are very flashy and fashionable

Lens #109: Profit

  • There is a lot of emphasis on diamonds in this game
  • There is constantly a lot of advertisement encouraging players to make diamond purchases
  • They even have incentives, such as 2x diamond on the first recharge, to encourage players to spend money
  • On top of that, the more diamonds are recharged, the higher the VIP status of the player, which unlocks more features and bonuses as a part of the loyalty program
  • Players who pay, and subsequently attaining VIP status, will be given VIP exclusive items to differentiate themselves from the normal free-to-play players, giving them a sense of superiority
  • These diamonds can also purchase more energy so that players don’t have to wait to play more stages
  • Basically diamonds allow the player to do pretty much anything they want, and proceed the game with ultimate ease