Tiny Thief


Tiny thief is a role-playing adventure game developed by Rovio Starts and was released on July 11, 2013. The game has 6 episodes and each episode contains 5 levels, the player plays the game as a thief and tries to find a main item, a pet and some secret items in each level. The play needs to collect resources and use them wisely in order to find out a strategy to solve each level.

Lens 7: Element tetrad


The rules of the Tiny Thief game are simple and clear, in each level, the player needs to accomplish a main task – stealing the main item, once the main task is completed, the player can continue to the next level; however, the player can also choose to complete two additional tasks in each level – finding the thief’s pet and finding the secret items, completing all three tasks gives the player a better score on the game.


Tiny Thief follows a complete story line, the game has 6 episodes and each episode has a unique theme. The first episode is an introduction episode teaching the player how to play the game, the second episode tells a story about defeating a corrupt sheriff, in the third episode, the player need to complete levels on a pirate ship, the fourth episode has a theme of saving the king, the fifth episode tells a story of saving the princess, the last episode tells a story of defeating a witch and saving the king.


The characters in Tiny Thief are designed to be cute and elegant, the game uses various background music and sound effects on different episodes, for example, in the introduction episode, the background music is relaxing and delighting, and in the episode where the player needs to save the king, the background music is fast and dramatic.


The technology used in the game is simple, the game is developed on Android OS and iOS platforms.

Lens 2: Surprise

The game gives the player an opportunity to find a hidden pet and some secret items in each level, the player never know when and where the pet and those secret items will appear, and the player needs to find a way to collect them, this gives the player surprise when playing the game.

Lens 4: Curiosity

The game uses player’s curiosity to attract them to spend more time on the game. In the game, the play needs to think of a strategy to accomplish each task, he/she needs to collect resources and follow a sequence of instructions in order to complete the major task. Find the strategy is not easy in higher level, thus, the game gives the player some hints. The game also uses three star rating format to arouse the player’s curiosity, completing the main task gives the player one star, the second star is earned by finding the pet, and the third one is earned by find secret items.

Lens 6: Problem Solving

Tiny Thief requires the players to use their problem solving skills. In the game, the player need to find a way to complete the three tasks, it is quite easy in the beginning level, but it gradually becomes more difficult in higher levels. The player needs to pay attention to details and combine with the story line to solve each level.