Onmyoji is a mobile CCG-Corporate Community Game and RPG-Role Playing Game where players engage in part real-time, part turn-based combat with characters in the form of cards. The game story is based on the traditional folklore of Abe no Seimei, who was a famous onmyoji in the middle of the Heian Period in Japan. The game portrays a world of Yin and Yang with a rich collection of character cards. Player can use card to summon spirits with varying abilities, involve in 3D battles to train and level up their characters, and gather resources to evolve them.

Entering into the well-designed game world of Yin and Yang, and Japanese anime style architecture give people a sense of peace and joy. The high quality graphics and professional voiceover makes the game experience more enjoyable. The rule is simple enough for everybody, even if you are new to the rapidly evolving game industry. Even though the way to level up your skills and break to the next level is simple, or rather repetitive, the game is still quite addictive,

Next I will analyse the give from the following lenses  of game design, which is adapted from the book “the Art of Game Design”:

  • the Lens of Elemental Tetrad

In terms of aesthetics, the game provides a smoothy and soothing environment. The combination of background colours bring warmth to players.  Both the visual style and culture elements originated from Japanese Hyakki Yagyo story. The traditional Japanese character design plus high quality illustrations, together with the excellent voice acting, set a new visual and aural standard for the anime mobile game. The game also uses Location Based Service Networking to assist in 3D game play.

  • the Lens of Community

The game attempt to foster strong community involvement by using Location Based Services Networking. Player can choose to play with those geographically around him. They can add friends and send love to each other, form team to beat the strong spirits, or even donate some spirits to other friends in need. There are occasional community events as well, when player can invite other friends to join the game experience, and earn himself some credits.

  • the Lens of Emotion and Curiosity

The game manages to maintain a balance between the player’s frustration and happiness. If the player did not summon the character from the strongest category “SSR” for 100 times, the player will receive a special reward, which is kind of both humorous and sarcastic. Upon the completion of one chapter, the game will give you a glimpse of what is coming in the next level, as well as the reward for completing the next level. In this way, the player will always be curious and aroused to player even harder.

  • the Lens of Character Transformation

In terms of character transformation, characters in “SSR” , “SR” and “R” category can be awaked by collecting several necessary materials. After the evolution, the character will be stronger in battle or even acquire a new skill. However, since each character can only be awaked once, the character transformation thereafter is to simply level up their skills. Many players may feel bored as the characters after being awakened are no longer providing any surprise to them.


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