Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is an open world action role-playing video game developed and published by SquareEnix for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game features an open world environment and action based battle system, incorporating the ability to switch weapons and other elements such as camping and vehicle travelling.

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The Lens of The Elemental Tetrad

Mechanics: The gameplay mechanic of FFXV is an action-based battle system. It is known as the Active X Battle system, designed and directed by Hajime Tabata. When the player comes into contact with an enemy, an encounter gauge appears on screen, allowing the player to flee before the gauge fills and avoid battle. This made it easy for players who are at a low level, should they encounter a high level monster.

Wait Mode System

There are two modes that the player can choose to experience the battle system, Active and Wait. In Active mode, it is real-time, while in Wait mode, the game suspends the fight and allow the player to select their target enemy or change weapons at their own leisure within the time limit. This appeals to different types of players, and can enhance their experience.

Story: The main story plot told in FFXV is pre-scripted, however since it is an open world environment, this means that the players can progress through it at their own pace. There are also “side” stories to be discovered as the player progresses, through camping/lodgings or side quests. The side stories help to improve the overall experience of the game.

Aesthetics: The graphics in this game is stunning and realistic, the surrounding environment has its own characteristics in different areas of the map and the music creates the mood of the situation the player is in, allowing the player to easily immerse themself into the fantasy.

Technology: Most cut scenes are rendered to follow the settings of the character the player have chosen. Playable only on PS4 and Xbox One (currently) and not older consoles due to technical troubles.

The Lens of Curiosity

With the exception of the main quests to progress the game, most of the other areas of the game are not compulsory to complete. Instead the player gets to freely choose to do different things; side quests, hunts, camping etc.
The game creates the curiosity in players to want to explore the open world environment by rewarding their actions with new recipes, secret quests and additional cut scenes.

The Lens of Interest Curve

In my experience of this game, I find my interest curve constantly fluctuating above my “line of boredom”. Just as I think my interest wanes and it is a good time to break, I find myself hooked in again with new information or something else that picks up my interest again. As the game progresses, this curve is gradually increasing, making it harder and harder to stop. However, at the end, while the finale was not a huge disappointment overall, at the point I had reached the end it was not as engaging as the rest of the story had been.

The Lens of The World 

The world of FFXV is similar to that of ours, relatable through the use of technology, and also similar to the previous Final Fantasy with recurring creatures, though it is not a requirement to know, can create the sense of nostalgia for fans of the Final Fantasy series.

The Lens of The Avatar

The avatar of FFXV is Noctis Lucis Caelum, heir of the Lucis Kingdom, at the same time, he is just a regular guy who likes to sleep and play mobile games. It is an ideal form where the player can be a prince to a kingdom, and also project themself onto the avatar because of his relatable personality.

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