Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar

01 Description of the Game

Megaman Battle Network 6 <Cyberbeast Falzar> is the last series of the Battle Network game designed for Game Boy Advance. This is RPG game where the player will take the role of a 6th grade boy in the world where a virtual partner ‘NetNavis’ is essential to everyday life. Lan will work with MegaMan.EXE (a Navi combined with Lan’s identical twin-brother DNA) to stop WWW from their evil plots and destroy the dangerous Cybeasts before they destroy the Net.

*Side note: There is an alternative version with identical
storyline called Megaman Battle Network 6
<Cyberbeast Gregar>.

02 Game Walkthrough

03 Lenses of Elemental Tetrahedral

.:: Technology ::.

  • Targeted for Game Boy Advance but is able to be simulated on Windows.

Paused battle to select battle chip

Other Link Navis

.:: Mechanics ::.

  • The game play is summarized as a real-time tactical role playing game. There are multiple characters to explore, but the playable characters are:
    1. Lan: To explore the map and interact with other characters in the ‘real world’.
    2. Megaman: To explore and interact in any Network and battle other evil Net Navis and viruses.
    3. Link Navis: Other Navis that have their own special attacks that can be controlled by the player but the Network they access to is fixed. Each of them have special moves that allow the player to remove obstacles either for side quests or for the main story line.
  • The battle game play is solely on a (3-length x 6-width) board where the player is given x number of battle chips / cards each turn which he can use to attack the enemy. The basic enemy does not have any Artificial Intelligence but each of them works solely on their set of attack cycle which makes the game play easier and more predictable.
  • Off-battle strategy will involve deciding the battle chips the player want in his folder depending on its MB and restrictive customization in Navi Customizer to install programs or risk of bug.
  • Mini-Games to create dynamics of gameplay like strategy planning and arcade style

Lan exploring the aquarium

.:: Aesthetics ::.

  • 2D pixelated art. Personally I love the graphics a lot. There are a lot of cute sprites. This make me feel very interested to explore and interact with the environment. I love the sound they used like the bell ring to signify after class, or a fast paced music to create suspense to remind the player about attack by an enemy.

.:: Story ::.

  • The game is heavily dependent on story-line. The player will have to complete the storyline sequentially in order to complete the game. At any point of time, the player can ask Megaman for hints to what should the player do next. There are so many side quests to explore and even multiplayer battle with friends through link cable

04 Lenses


.:: Lens of Reward ::.

  • There are constant reward in the game play. At every end of a battle, you will get a reward based on your battle time. The reward increases when the difficulty of the viruses goes up.
  • During each move in the battle, if the player targets the viruses at a certain timing, the player will get a x2 boost to its immediate attack.
  • Completing the story line at your own target allows you to unlock the next story.
  • Exploration is encouraged in the game by discovering random rewards around the map. There are special rewards, hidden bosses and NPCs giving special rewards who are hidden at some corners of the map.
  • Side quests open up new maps that the user can explore and gain rewards.
  • The rewards are meaningful that allow user to earn zennies to buy chips and programs; battle chips to improve battle and custom programs to improve attack, special moves or add interaction to the user like saying jokes.
  • Player who collected too many of the same chips can exchange them for a random chance to get a rare chip.
  • Collecting all the chips will allow the player to unlock a special hidden map.

.:: Lens of Time ::.

  • Personally I feel that the game is paced really well. For a person who wants to complete the story quickly, the player don’t need to put too much efforts into training to unlock the next story to complete the game.
  • Alternatively, if players who want experience and play the game to the full, the player can explore the map at any point of time and collect battle chips and complete side quests.
  • Compared to previous versions of battle networks, the time paced of the battle experience is better paced. Since the battle is ‘real-time’ and you only have choice to pause the game to select battle chips after a period of time, a better paced game will give players of different level of experience a better game play experience.
  • In the game, there is a board where the player can apply to do side quests. Some of the quests requires rare battle chips or need certain quests before they can be applied.

.:: Lens of Story  ::.

  • The game is heavily dependent on story line. Personally, I am very interested in the story of the game. I’ve played Megaman Battle Network from 4 until 6. I have developed some feelings for the character.
  • In the game reviews that I have read online, a lot of players were more interested in unlocking the story line to know the final ending to megaman battle network. I have seen a great improvement in the aesthetics of the game and the repetition of the ABC map which makes me feel familiar and more interested in the final ending.
  • After I finished the game, I got this sad feeling of I wish there could be more game play of Lan and Megaman. It make me feel interested in completing all the side quests and repeat the game.

.:: Lens of Freedom ::.

  • Unfortunately, this game does not allow a lot of freedom. New maps is only unlocked when the story progresses. I feel constraint at times and wish that I could battle new viruses without going through the next storyline.
  • However, the restriction of freedom by showing the possible maps but unreachable is also a way to create a ‘wait factor’ for players to feel suspense.
  • On contrary, I feel that if I gain too much freedom in the map and battle viruses in future maps, I might get bored to battle the same viruses again as the story progresses.
  • Though, it might be even more exciting if there are more maps and networks to explore.

05 Summing Up

Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar is a easy game to pick up to play and allows different genre of players to spend sufficient time to immense in the game.

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