Monster Hunter World(MHW) is an action adventure game published by CAPCOM.  As the latest installment in the “monster hunter” series, it provides players with fantastic video graphics and smooth operation.  Player takes the role of a hunter and is tasked to defeat various kinds of powerful monsters with fourteen kinds of weapons.  Player is able to hunt either alone or in a team containing up to 4 players.




The game includes over 5 maps with totally different styles.  Different monsters with various habits live in these areas.

Players are allowed to move in all directions in the environment.  Players are able to create their own characters customizing the exterior and voice.  There are fourteen kinds of weapons each of which has over fifteen development branches with multiple depths.  Players can use various skills according to the weapons they choose.  They should use these skills to cast damage on monsters and evade attack at the same time.  Based on the scale of the group(1-4people), the monster has corresponding HP to balance the difficulty.


Since a long time ago, an event called Elder Crossing have confused people.  Five fleets have been sent out to explore and find why Elder Dragons migrate to the new continent.  The player takes the role of a senior hunter tasked to provide support to the exploration of the new continent.  In the new world, the player will fight to safeguard the outpost and keep the balance of ecosystems.

MHW is a brand-new trial of CAPCOM which brings energy to the prestigious series.  The story takes place in a new continent making it separate from previous plots.  The independence enables the author to add various contents to the story including cooperation with other games.  However, story itself is linear and is only a little part of the game.  It works like a guidance on the operation and ecosystems.


The exquisite creatures and clothing hint that the game has a strong Japanese style.  Excellent work of voice actors and records producers greatly adds to the immersion and realism of the game.  All the elements in the environment are carefully designed.  Creatures all have vivid animation and their unique habits.  Weapons are finely curved that each of them is a work of art.  Latest graphic technology enables the game to realize designers’ work as much as possible, making it really shocked to play with.


To create vivid monsters, human actors were asked to act out some of the various monster actions. Then the company used motion capture to develop monster animation.

The game is published on all platforms(PC, PS4, XBOX).  With the help of newly-developed MT Framework engine, it provides a minimum of thirty frames per second which guarantees basic experience of all players.  For hard-core players, additional options are provided to bring them ultra graphic experience.

Lens 5 Fun

Players have access to different weapons freely and are able to co-ordinate their own equipment.  The learning process of a new weapon is a great fun.  Attempts to defeat powerful monsters with different weapons and suits in different ways are even more joyful.  The game just encourages you to find your own way of hunting.

Though there are many kinds of monsters, it is still far from enough.  The action modes of monsters are limited.  Skilled players are so familiar with them that they will soon feel bored.

Lens 34 Skill

For the fact that it is an ARPG game, it allows players to freely use all kinds of skills.  This kind of freedom allows players to explore their own ways of hunting but also makes it challenging to master a particular kind of weapon.  When a player is quite familiar with one weapon, he will soon find necessity of mastering usage of multiple weapons because it is easier to defeat some monsters using particular weapon.  Some skilled players pursue a quick-as-possible mission completion.  This kind of race against time requires incredibly high proficiency which can only be got from lots of practice.

Lens 44 Cooperation

Due to the time limit and death limit, players need to cooperate with each other to defeat the monsters.  The weapon a player chooses partly decides the role of him in a team.  All the players have to take advantages of their weapons including making great damage, healing others and pinning down the monsters.  It also calls for team work when it comes to items usage and environmental traps.

The inner social system is so weak that it is even impossible to reach a particular player.  The poor chatting system makes it hard for players to communicate with each other and leads to high mission failure rate.

Lens 84 The world

Everyone is eager to exploring in a fantastic dream world.  MHW provides a fanciful world with various dreamful living things to players.  Players are able to explore the world freely in all the three directions.  The world is carefully built and rich in details.  By now, the world contains over five areas with totally different styles and ecosystems.(There will be more areas in the future.)  Players can interactive with animals and encounters interesting random events across the world.


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