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Assignment 1 – Option 1

1280x800Game: World of Tanks
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Description of the game: World of Tanks is a team-based massively multiplayer online game featuring armoured warfare in the mid-20th century. Players can choose from an arsenal of over 240 tanks from seven different nations, including iconic tanks such as the German Tiger and Soviet T-34. There are five different classes of tanks – heavy, medium, light, tank destroyers, and self-propelled guns. Each of these five classes has a unique characteristic, and they each play a different role on the battlefield. Players are put into 15 minute 15 vs. 15 battles where they either attempt to eliminate all enemy tanks, or capture the enemy’s base.

2 – The Lens of Surprise

  • As World of Tanks features human players, the element of surprise is inherently present as you rarely know what the other players might do.
  • Random number generator (RNG) system that is implemented in the accuracy of guns and critical module damage can give pleasant surprises to the player. For example, if one manages to destroy the ammo rack of a tank, the tank blows up, regardless of how much health it has. This is known as a 1-hit KO. Sometimes, RNG sends your tank shell flying to an unintended location, and it actually manages to kill an unintended enemy (or ally)!
  • The physics system in the game allows players to pull off stunts such as flying off a cliff and landing onto another tank. This happens very rarely and it is always a nice surprise to see it happening, even if you are not the victim or the one performing the stunt.
  • The link below is a playlist of lucky and interesting physics going on, that appear in gameplay from time to time.

German Tech Tree

17 – The Lens of Pleasure

  • The tanks available in game are placed in a tech tree, from tier 1 to 10. The higher tiers feature the more iconic tanks, as well as tanks that look simply sexy. It is a pleasure to finally see your coveted tank sitting in your virtual garage, especially after working so hard to get it.
  • Once in a while, your team fails you and you find yourself in a, for example, 1 vs. 4 situation, and you manage to emerge victorious from the engagement. Or sometimes, you manage to do a monstrous amount of damage, or manage to get the killing blow on half the enemy team. Pulling off such achievements gives the player a since of pride and happiness.
Leopard I

Leopard I. What a sexy tank.

32 – The Lens of Meaningful Choice

  • World of Tanks is a game where you have to make choices in every moment of the game.
  • The player’s ability to make these choices also translates to their level of skill in the game, as well as whether or not you emerge victorious from the battle. The following is a general idea of the thought processes and choices the player can make.
  • Start of the battle
    • Where should I go?
  • When the enemy is sighted
    • Am I in cover? Should I take cover or keep moving?
    • Should I move out of cover to engage the enemy?
    • Who should I prioritize?
    • Am I able to damage or kill the enemy? Will they damage or kill me?
    • Should I attempt to immobilize the enemy (harder to pull off, but it is an advantageous move), or go for an easier hit?
  • Near the end of the battle
    • Should we capture the enemy base, or should we destroy all enemy tanks?
    • How much time is left in the battle? Will it influence the above choices?

What will you do?

42 – The Lens of Simplicity/Complexity

  • Simplicity: The game mechanics and controls are similar to any first-person shooter out there. The WASD keys are for movement, and the mouse is for aiming and shooting. This is sufficient enough for the player to contribute to the game, especially at the lower tiers. The more intricate mechanics of the game do not make a big impact on the battles yet.
  • Complexity: However, to become a better player, especially as one advances to higher tiers, you need to properly understand the complex mechanics the game has. Concepts such as angle of ammunition impact, and the vision and camouflage system are very important skills to master later on in the game.
  • Simply put, this is a game which is easy to learn or play right off the bat, but hard to master.
  • Even veteran players will have to practice to use these concepts well in their battles.
  • Complexity of battle mechanics:

62 – The Lens of Inherent Interest

  • A purely tank-based battle? There are very few games like this, unlike the crowded market of first-person shooter games. Surely it must pique the interest of some people.
  • Driving a tank around, blowing other tanks up? How often do you get to do such a thing, or even see it happening? Awesome!
  • Wait, I can drive the Tiger and/or the Maus? Awesome!
  • Ever wondered how the Leopard would fare against the Centurion? Or maybe the Tiger against a King Tiger? How about the performance of prototype or unmanufactured tanks? Now you can find out.


    The Tiger I

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