VR Locomotion

Locomotion in VR is difficult as we want to allow users to move in an infinite virtual space while being in a physically constrained place. This limitation makes most locomotion in VR cause motion sickness as the body does not feel that it is moving.

I think that a VR treadmill that allows users to move around in the physical space to move their avatar in the virtual space would alleviate the issue of motion sickness. There have been several companies who have created a VR treadmill, like Virtuix Omni, KAT Walk and Rovr.

(Image by Virtuix Omni)

However, the issue is that these gadgets are not affordable to individual consumers (KAT Walk being priced at about $1,500). I think it would be great if instead of buying, there can be more opportunities where consumers may rent these equipments to try out these technologies.

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