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Bioshock Infinite

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Description: The game happens in the virtual city ‘Columbia’ in 1912. The player is a disgraced agent named Booker Dewitt who is given the job to rescue a woman called Elizabeth who is trapped in the city.

1. The Lens of Fun

What Parts of the game are fun?
It feels great to finish the missions, especially when Elizabeth is successfully rescued. It is also fun to use the fancy equipments and weapons, such as the magic potion that enables player to throw fire arrow. Besides, the highly artistic game environment makes it even more pleasant to play.
What Parts need to be more fun?
The part when the player needs to search for the clues to achieve the current goal is a little dull and tedious. Sometimes the player needs to spend much time searching through the whole city. And it would be much better if there are more objects that the player could interact with, except for the money and food.

2. The Lens of Curiosity

What questions does the game put into the player’s mind?
The game keeps the player think how to achieve the goal, how to go to certain places and eventually save the girl. Along the way, the game also requires the player to keep themselves equipped with weapons and food while maintaining a good health. Therefore another question that players may constantly bear in mind is ‘where to find more weapons and health kit?’
How does the game make them care about these questions?
The game system constantly reminds the player of the current goal and provides certain feedbacks to direct the player to the right track. There are also some delicate hints that make the player wonder what is awaiting them in future.

3. The Lens of Surprise

What will surprise players when they play the game?
After each mission there would be a new piece of land unlocked which will always give the player surprises when they begin exploring it. May it be a mysterious stranger that gives hints and suggestions, or a new powerful potion hidden somewhere in a deserted room, or unexpectedly strong enemies, there would always be something unknown as the game proceeds.
Do players have ways to surprise each other?
Players could surprise each other too. For example, the player could give orders to Elizabeth after she is rescued, but the way she carries out the order can be different each time. It is also a delightful surprise to discover the special abilities of Elizabeth.

4. The Lens of Virtual Interface

What information does the play need that isn’t obvious just by looking at the game world?
The player needs to know where to look for weapon, food and medicine. Sometimes the objects are hidden in a place that is not easy to find. It can also be tricky to figure out how to go to a destination requested by the game. The user may also switch between different windows to check their game progress, their health status and etc.

When does the player need this information?
The play needs it most when she or he is facing problems defeating the enemies or deciding the next step to finish the mission.

5. The Lens of Essential Experience

What do I want the player to experience?
The game aims to provide the gamers with a thrilling feeling of being a hero and fight against the evil. It has achieved this goal by providing detailed and artistic scenes and well-planed plots.

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