League of Legends

The game that I will talk about is League of Legends. This is a free online game and everyone who has a garena account can easily access to this game. There are five players each team. Each player can choose a champion to join the fight. To play this game well, players need to have good sense of how to make combination of their champions’ abilities. During the game, players can kill players and minions of the other team and monsters in the jungle to get level up and earn money to buy items. Once being killed, players need to wait for respawning. The goal of the game is to destroy enemies’ turrets. Teamwork plays an important role in the game. Here is the link to the website: http://lol.garena.com/


I play the game:

When I first play this game, I find it easy to handle. I think this game provide me a chance to be a fighter and happy with that I have the ability to lead my teammates to victory. There is a period in this game that we have to fight one to one. This is the time that we can show our individual talent to play certain champion and this is also the time challenge our skills. There are three lines in the game, I always like to play in one line alone, so that gives chance to those players who are called jungler to gank me. When I stand in line alone, I will be very curious about when and where the jungler will appear. This makes me in tense and in this situation I can always perform better. There is another situation that will make players surprise, we can it critical attack. When we hit others there is a chance that we can make critical attack which will make huge damage. Everytime I see I make a critical attack I will be very excited because that will be a very good chance to kill the enemy. I think the critical attack make the game fun. Overall I like this game because this game provides me good experience. Playing the game we can have fun and there are full of surprise and curious mechanism in the game.


My friend plays the game:

He seldom play games like this, he likes RPG better. When I first ask him to play the game, he is not interested in it. However, finally he tries it. His first feeling is that there are too many champions and every champion has different abilities so that he is not able to memories those. I ask him play with AI first because he is a beginner.When he play the game, this game seems to be more fun because he does not know what ability the enemy has, he is always curious about them and new abilities can make him surprise. After a while, he seems to be OK to handle one champion. Therefore, I ask him to play with players. Bad things happen. He is not performing well and his teammates blame on him. He is unhappy about that. However, he is still willing to play again. “I will prove that I can play better than them after some practice” he says. And after some more practice he gradually learns the method to battle with people and finally he wins a game and becomes extremely happy. He says he is going to download the game on his own computer and play it. Battle with people is more challenge than play with AI and challenge makes this game fun.


What I learn:

A good game should provide people good experience such as I am very happy to be the fighter in League of Legends. Game should have a mode which is easy for beginner so that there will always be new players. Moreover, game should be challenge and interactive. I believe the right amount of challenge can make a game fun. After we play the game several times, we will be better and better. However, there is a limit in game AI; thus, we need other players to be the challenge, which is battle among players. Good mechanisms make a game fun. In League of Legends, I like the critical attack part because this provides unpredictable results of a battle, which makes the game more interesting. Furthermore, I think a good game should have a good goal. In League of Legends, there is an explicitly goal that we have to destroy all turrets and win a game. Moreover, there is another implicitly goal that we want to be the best player among all players. I want to win more so I have to practice more. As a result, players will not leave the game when a game ends; they will be willing to start a new game.

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