PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Game Reviews


PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game. In this game, up to a hundred players will be placed into a resources randomly generated map which the players can choose the spot to scavenge. The players will need to scavenge for weapons and equipment including different types of gun, broadsword, grenades, medical kit and so on to kill others and/or heal themselves. Apart from the attack from players, the available safe area of the game’s map will decreases in size over time in order to force the players encounters. This game also has different play modes according to the attended team size including single, duo, squad whereas the last player or teams standing wins the round
Here is a link of a youtube video showing some moments in the game:


I used to play this game, especially last year vacation, I could spend a day on playing this game with my brother and friends but I have not played for several months. In general, I really enjoy this game since it has brought lots of funs for me.

Reasons I love this game

  • the fun of cooperating with my friends, being able to communicate and cooperate with my friends make us feel relax and pleasure
  • it is more about the experience than the results. good skill is not everything, although ‘have the chicken dinner’ will make us quite excited, we still get a lot of laughs from any kinds of stupid mistake we made
  • the vivid environment including settings, scene, sounds make us immerse in the nervous and irritative situation.

Reasons I quit this game

  • Break of fairness – increasing plugs make the game less attractive to me
  • not able to run at my laptop – my laptop configuration is not good enough to run this game smoothly, therefore each time I have to go to the internet bar which is really inconvenient and costly although being able to sit together with team member will enhance the coordination and enjoyment.
  • aesthetic fatigue – after a long time intensive period of playing this game, I fell somehow boring about this game which means I rarely get the feeling of excitement from the game any longer
  • The most important one – my friends quit this game, the meaning of this game for me is to play with my friend as a team, once my team has dissolved I also lose the interest of playing this game.


Lens #43 – Cooperate

  • this game allows the player to compete as a group which needs the cooperation between friends.
  • the group could be formed randomly or specified by players.
  • the technology of remote voice communication built inside the game will allow the player to play with people from anywhere which is really convenient.

Lens #44 – Competition

  • as there is cooperation, there is also competition
  • within each match, there is competition among the player within this round
    • the setting of HP and safety area will force the player to encounter
    • outside the match, there is also ranking which is the competition among the whole players of the game
      • world Competition
      • ranking board with lots of data
  • there are people who are nor care about the ranking but there is also, and often, the majority of the players who really care about their ranking.

Lens #79 – Freedom

  • As a result of not having a story or background, a high degree of freedom is provided
  • there are no specific rules that require the player to finish a certain task or find a clue except one general goal – survive and win the game
  • actually, even the general goal is not compulsory, people may have different activities with different purpose. (for example, people may do not chase the champion but to having fun with friends )
  • this is one of the key reasons that I enjoy this game.

Lens #37 – Fairness

  • people can only spend money buying the outfit which will not affect the combat power
    • everyone is offered with the equal position of each match at the beginning
      the resources are generated randomly, the landing position is decided by the player
    • the safety area is generated after calculation but no one knows before it shows in the map
    • every player start the game without anything
  • people could report plugins and the game will punish the related accounts if it is real
  • Logically, it is really fair with the setting of offering an equal position however the problem in real life is the management of plugins is insufficient and the large amounts of plugins can ruin the game

Elemental Tetrad Summary

  • Story
    • no story setting like background or characters
    • focuses more on the interaction including competition and cooperation between players
  • Mechanism
    • common goal: kill the competitor and survive to the last to win the game
    • there are no specific rules instead it gives the player a great extent of freedom by
      • providing the various weapons, vehicles, equipment
      • the settings based on the real world, such as
        • people will lose HP if they jump from a high position, the points deducted increase with the height
        • people can swim in the sea/river but they need to take a breath
          the speed of moving will varies with the different vehicle used
  • Aesthetics
    • in general: realism rather than fantasy
    • mimic the real world to construct a lifelike environment so that the user can better immerse themselves in the game
      • different weathers have the corresponding effect
      • different maps, landforms
  • Technology
    • The 3D replay tools
      • allow players to zoom around the map after a match, tracking their own character, following enemies’ movements,
    • the voice communication tools