Guardian of the Gears


Guardian of the Gears is one of the best student games of IGF 2018. It is a 3D puzzle adventure game where you control a cute little clockwork guardian who is on its way to save the world of gears from an evil entity that is destroying it. In the game, you will make your way through the clockwork world and solve puzzles to progress through the game.



Elemental Tetrad


Gameplay is very simple. Players control the clockwork guardian through the world and solve puzzles to progress through the levels. There are only 3 types of objects that players can interact with, gear, artifact and port. Interacting with these objects will change the map layout and open up new areas so that players can progress to the next level. Players have to figure out how to interact with these objects to uncover their way to the end and defeat the enemy.

In the game, players can die if they fall off the world map or get hit by the enemy’s attack. There are save points along the way to aid the players so that they wont have to restart again from the beginning.


The game is set in a floating clockwork island which has been invaded by a disruptor which is threatening to destroy the world and it is up to the clockwork guardian to stop it.

The story is told using text bubbles which appears along the way as players solve puzzles and clear each level. There are also collectibles along the world that give players more snippets of information about the world.


The clockwork island is a beautifully crafted open world that triggers players’ adventurer instinct to explore every hook and cranny of the each level map to find hidden mechanics or objects.


The game is created using unreal engine and is available on PC


Lens of problem solving

Being a puzzle game, it makes players think of what moves they should take in order to progress through the map. The puzzles overlap at times too such that an interactable object from a previous level may an essential piece to clearing the puzzle in future ones.

Lens of Curiosity

The game is develop as an open world with beautiful graphics, and there are many pockets of extra areas and spaces littered around. It made me curious and excited to explore around and look around to see if there are any hidden mechanics or collectibles available.

Lens of Secret

The game gave very little information to players at the beginning. The ‘how to play’ section only tell players of the 3 types of interactable objects in the game. Players learn about the ‘wasd’ movement control of the player and jump use ‘space’ when they start the game. The story is also only told in snippets as players slowly clear the puzzles and advance through the levels.

This ‘learn as you progress’ model that the game adopt syncs very well with the game’s open world map as it makes players think that there may more hidden mechanics hiding in some corners of the map and make them interested in exploring around the world.

Lens of Challenge

The puzzle levels in the game is quite balanced as it starts from easy puzzle at the start to get players familiar with the mechanics in the game and slowly progress in difficulty along the way. At the last level when fighting the boss, time challenges are included to give players a bit of challenge. It was quite satisfying to solve those puzzles and complete the game

My VR/MR headset review

VR Headset

Oculus Quest

Out of all the latest vr devices that are out there in the market, my personal favorite is the Oculus quest. One of the most appealing feature of this device to me is that it is a standalone headset. This means that I get to move around more freely without being limited like those which requires a wire connecting to a pc. Also, this headset stands out from the other standalone devices with its full room tracking system. This allows you to have 6DoF, giving you a more immersive experience of moving in the vr world. The guardian system that it comes with maps your room environment and provides you with warnings when you are crash into a wall or an object, so you can play safely without having to worry about your surroundings. It also has a decent FoV of 95° and is decently priced at $399, making it very value for money.

MR Headset

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

My most preferred mr device is the Samsung HMD Odyssey+. It has one of the best display performance, using dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays with 1440×1660 resolution in each eye. It is able to eliminate the screen door effect(SDE) – when space between pixels on a display are visible as fine black lines, hence providing a better visual experience. It also has a great FoV of 110° and 90Hz refresh rate. Its built-in AKG headphones is able to provide you with 360° spatial sound. Combining this with its amazing visuals, I would say that Samsung HMD Odessey+ is able to provide one of the best immersive experience out of all the available headsets out there, hence it is my most preferred mr headset.