Football Manager 2012

R Ananthan

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Game Play:


The game that I love playing is called football manager 2012. The game involves managing a football club or a nation and playing their teams in the various relevant competitions. The player takes up a role solely to manage football teams.

Essential Experience:

The game was designed to give its players a sense of what football management is like in real life and I personally believe that it is able to accurately achieve that to a large extent.

The game incorporates real life aspects of football management to its finest details. E.g. scouting, press conference, team talk and also player interaction.

Further-more the game uses real time players and also their annual statistics in its game play. This makes the game extremely realistic.

The game also plays out the simulated matches in 3D and recreates the scenario of how a manager feels like from the touch line.


They are various elements of surprise incorporated into the game which makes it not only realistic but also fun to play.

These include player injuries, Fatigue, form, Team’s financial position, Players mental ability, Players willingness to be bought etc.

All these elements are accurately placed and not forced into the game. This makes the game extremely addictive to play for someone who enjoys team management.


Skill vs. Chance

The game strives to strike a balance between skill and chance. Although the game is mainly about management it is designed in a way such that the best team is not always guaranteed a victory.

The Correct tactical formation and also the right choice of players can only ensure victory 80 percent of the time.

This helps in two ways.  Firstly it ensures that teams/players which are not that good also manage to survive against stronger teams. Secondly it ensures that players with better teams don’t get easily bored.


The game allows the players to exercise triangularity against other teams.

E.g. the player can choose to be attack minded and play a lot of attacking players to score goals and win or he can choose to be defensive and go for the draw. When chasing a goal during a match a player is able to exercise these similar options. This gives players the element of control and the satisfaction of success when the choice they made works in their favor.


Although there is certain amount of randomness in the game, winning mainly involves a player’s skill and also his tactical knowledge on football. This allows players who have a deeper knowledge on the subject matter thrive better in the game.

However that does not mean new players to the world of football will not be able to enjoy the game. They can still play to survive and not win the league and cup competitions. This ensures that both players with a deep knowledge and also players with basic knowledge have different motivations to play for.

There are various avenues through which the game encourages winning. Primarily a manager’s ability on management is judged based on the number of trophies he or she wins. The player has to win matches for him to improve his reputation in the game. Then only is he able to manage teams of his choice in the game.

Furthermore most players who play this game will have a favorite club that they support in real life. As such they usually tend to manage that team and they take pride in leading their favorite team to victory.