Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

One of the few VR games I had the chance to try is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. This game runs on the Playstation 4 with Playstation VR and was released in 2016. The player is sited in a wagon and is taken around different levels. He has access to one gun in each hand, controlled by Playstation Move controllers, and his goal is to shoot at the targets / foes appearing before him. I think that this kind of game can be very engaging because it immerses the player even more into the game environment thanks to the VR headset. There are already many VR games available on the market, however the technology used in these games is not yet very mainstreamed. It requires the user to buy complement equipment in addition to the console or computer where the game runs. There is still a lot of improvements that can be done to bring VR games to an even higher level of quality, affordability, and availability. I think that a game like this one is a push forward and can engage not only the public that will play the game but other developers that are looking to make even better VR games as well.

The immersion is a crucial factor in a VR game. Having played the games myself, I found to be pretty much well immersed into the game. Despite not being a very recent one, and using some aging technology, this game has proven to me that there is no need to be very realistic to have the most advanced level of immersion. It might be a personal reaction, but for me, the horror side of the game was really engaging to me. It was the characteristic that was keeping me trapped into the game for many hours. Immersion, the most important feature in a VR game, was for me totally met.

As I said earlier, the technology used to display the game is a little bit old. In result, the quality of the headset is not the best of all, sometimes my vision gets blurry, especially if I look on the sides of the VR headset screens. After some time playing the game, I could feel some dizziness due to a poor quality of rendering graphics, which altered with my immersion. That feature can definitely be improved with time as the technology evolve, as it has already been proven with some more recent hardware.

IKEA Place AR Mobile App

What is it about?

IKEA Place lets you virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space. Combining the latest AR technology and IKEA’s smart home solutions you can experience IKEA like never before.

Get inspired through camera first experiences and IKEA’s specially curated collections. With continual product highlights and groups there is always something new to try at home.

Furnish a whole room in just one tap or find the perfect product by searching with your camera. IKEA Place has new and exciting ways to enjoy IKEA.

What I like and what’s engaging about it?

It helps me visualise how a furniture from IKEA would look like if I were to place it in my room. This saves me the trouble of personally going down to a physical store and not being able to picture how the furniture would look like when placed in my home. Using the mobile app, allows for increase in convenience, especially when IKEA stores are located some distance away from my home.

It is useful as it allows users to visualise and check if the desired furnitures are able to fit the measures of the users’ home. The AR feature provides support for real model measurements and enables shoppers to make more informed decisions.

I have downloaded and tried the application. I found it engaging as I was able to interact with objects I placed on my screen and modify its positions as though it actually existed physically in my room.

What features were well done and what could be improved?

The specific details of the furniture were very clear and allows users to rotate, place furnitures on different elevations off the ground and even walk around them. I also liked how the user can search through IKEA’s catalogue by taking a photo of a furniture in the room, and recommended IKEA furnitures will be shown to the user to browse through.

I believe a feature that could be improved is allowing for the users’ body actions to move and interact with the furnitures. For example, once I place an IKEA chair down, I would like to use my hands to pull / push the chair and not drag my fingers across the screen.

I tried to place a sofa bed on the floor, but was not able to extend it out to see how it looks like when converted into a bed. To make the AR experience more realistic, I would hope to be able to interact with the object as though it exists in real life.

Beat Saber review

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you use handsets as sabers to slash boxes representing musical beats. It is a novel way to play a rhythm game, combining the dynamism of dance dance revolution and the thrill of traditional rhythm games like cytus/osu into a futuristic VR world. You can play it versus friends or random opponents remotely or you can strive to break your personal records. There are multitudes of popular genres and volumes of music to play such as EDM, Pop, Rock, K-pop, J-pop.

One reason Beat Saber is engaging is that the gameplay is satisfying and immersive. Good songs definitely help in engaging the players and having to move the sabers to the beat involves a large part of the body, immersing the player in the rhythm. As the hit boxes fly towards the player, it captures all the attention and senses of the player, leaving the player in a world of its own.

Beat Saber - Feint - "We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)" on Steam
Screenshot of gameplay

Another reason is that the songs are kept up to date by open source creators who map new songs in addition to the songs released on Beat Saber. Being able to play songs that are recent keeps the gameplay fresh, especially for people who have their favorite artists in it.

The graphics and design of the user interface and game objects are extremely well-polished, providing a high quality feel and pleasant user experience. The act of slicing the hit boxes with the saber is highly satisfying as there is responsive visual and audio feedback. Its futuristic, Blade Runner-ish neon theme helps to avoid the pain of animating realistic elements that can appear out of place, impractical or unbelievable in a modern, realistic game world. It feels premium and with the price you pay for the game, inclusive of all the songs available online, it is a great buy.

Different theme

On the other hand, a feature that needs to improve is recovery from errors. Sometimes the headset might disconnect or have a faulty connection which leads to glitching avatars and the game might continue running. A good UX feature to add is pausing the game and informing the user to perform some troubleshooting. This can prevent undesirable experiences with losing game progress.


VR Chat and Beat Saber

VR chat:

VR chat is currently one of the most well-known instances of Virtual Reality currently being used in the present day. Initially touted as a simple video game back in 2017, one could argue that now, it could be something like a prototype Metaverse that Facebook/Meta has been promoting in recent months.  While I personally have not used it, having observed it being used throughout the past few years as a replacement for reality itself due to the ongoing pandemic, I do believe several of its features are quite praiseworthy.


User generated models and content:

In VR chat, one is able to supply their own user generated models or content for use in VR chat.  So long as it abides by VR chat’s guidelines, the content should be safe for work for everyone to view or peruse.  When it comes to day-to-day infractions, its up to users present to lodge reports.  With such user-generated content, users can freely express themselves in any way, shape or form, unlimited in style or otherwise.

Barrier of entry:

Graphical user interface, application, Teams

Description automatically generated

In terms of accessing and using VR chat, there are many ways of accessing the program, with or without the use of an actual VR headset, of course losing some functions such as certain limb movement as trade-offs.  You are generally free to use a variety of different headsets, such as the HTC Vive, or none if you are unable to acquire one.  This generally makes it accessible to most people, especially since the base program is free.


Currently, it is still very much possible to crash and kick people off of VRchat due to access to one’s IP address and presence as seen in this video (the dark side of vrchat).  Even if you conceal your IP address via 3rd party services, it is still possible to crash the world you are in, kicking you out.  Sine this happens mainly in public spaces, perhaps there is a way to obscure the list of people in the world via the API, or at least only allow certain access?

Aside from that, there could be other improvements like overall graphics, but that would probably require overhauling the system in a different way.

Beat Saber:

Another one I would like to mention would be Beat Saber, which is a VR rhythm game where players basically play to the rhythm of the song.

How To Download And Install New Custom Songs On Beat Saber

Users simply have to slice the oncoming block with the saber of the matching colour, while following the rhythm.  While I will not go too in depth unlike the above example, I would like to make note of the free rein given to its users in being able to use and design their own avatars and maps/tracks to play with.  Additionally its simplistic design makes it easy to pick up and play.

Currently to play this game, you require the use of a VR headset and motion controls, which is not exactly the cheapest to acquire all the time.  Perhaps going forward, as technology advances, we will be able to more easily acquire cheaper controllers to use.  Or be this guy.


A popular VR game that I really like is POPULATION: ONE. POPULATION: ONE is a squad-based virtual reality (VR) Battle Royal game. Players team up as a squad and try to take down other teams using weapons and items found in the virtual world. At the same time, the play area for the game will progressively decrease, encouraging players to battle it out while killing players who are outside of the play area. The following screenshot shows the gameplay and its layout from the lens of the player.

There are a few reasons why this game is popular among gamers:

  1. This open-world survival game allows for players to explore freely and interact with the virtual game items however they wish, catering to the different playstyles people might have. It essentially gives players the ability and power to do things that they want, making the game flow less restrictive and less predictable. This different experience entices players to continue playing and effectively prevents a looping cycle of repetitive gameplay.
  2. Compared to other mobile or PlayStation games, players are no longer staring at a screen and pressing buttons to shoot your gun. Rather, players themselves are physically doing the actions of aiming or firing their guns, as well as reloading their guns. This elemental engages more than just the eyes and ears of the players but include physical movement too. Motions such as climbing and flying would provide an entirely new experience for players as they are unable to experience this on handheld Battle Royal games. These interactions and experiences cannot be easily captured without the use of VR.

    POV of player while climbing

    POV of player while flying
  3. Another interesting feature supported by POPULATION:ONE is its Vertical Combat System (VCS). This VCS offers vertical mobility and freedom for users to fly and glide as they wish. Climbing physically is vastly different from using a touchpad to maneuver their character. The VR-headset allows players to climb and look over their shoulders to fire at enemies. Such motion and action are generally not possible in the handheld version of Battle Royal games.

  4. Lastly, this game allows for crossplay using with different VR headsets. As more VR headsets enter the market, crossplay support ensures that players can use a VR most suited to their style. POPULATION:ONE currently supports Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms, HTC Vive, Windows MR, and Valve Index.

However, despite its popularity, there are also some features that need to be improved in POPULATION:ONE:

  1. The art style and graphics of the game needs to be improved. Most of the buildings and guns in the game as simply designed which makes some of the gameplay bland. Most of the buildings do not have textures and surfaces to them which makes it unappealing to visual players who enter the VR world. This shortcoming could be one of the reasons why POPULATION:ONE might be losing its player base. Poor design of the characters in the same caused many of the characters to look like each other. This provides little to no customization for players to dress up their characters which is a highly sought-after feature in many games today.

    A possible way to improve this is to do a design revamp of all the characters in the game and introduce items such as accessories or different types of clothing so that more customizations can be done to the characters.


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What Sugar Daddy Needs

Are you curious about what a sugar daddy wants? It may well sound like an elaborate question to reply to. The truth is that a sugar daddy has many different wants for his baby, and the right method to take will depend on the type of person he can looking for. This post will cover one of the most important points to consider when you choose to start going out with a sugar daddy. You’ll want to consider your private maturity level and mental capacity think about a partner.

Ideally, the sugar daddy is looking to get companionship and fun. You must never expect to have intimacy on the initial date, since sugar dating is growing rapidly meant to be a two-way relationship. You need to plan the dates accordingly, as making love will happen arbitrarily. You should also consider your goals before getting into a sugar romantic relationship. If you’re after extra support and companionship, a sugar daddy may be the best choice.

Glucose daddys generally prefer younger girls, but they’re not limited to that age group. Young ladies with sexy looks might be appealing to an older guy. Sugar infants may be middle-aged women who prefer someone to write about the husband and family duties. Even a thirty-five-year-old woman can be looking for a person who can help her promote herself beyond her years. So , if you’re ready to time frame a sugars dad, here are some tips that will help you make the very best choice: find a wealthy man willing to give you his undivided attention.

Once you’ve found an ideal match, you need to understand what your sugar daddy wants. Generally, a sugar daddy would want to meet a woman who is willing to purchase romance. A sugar baby should not truly feel pressured to get started a marriage. allsugardaddy Glucose dating is a brief relationship. Both parties should be clear about the boundaries they have established, as well as the relationship ought to be unsuccsefflull. And, naturally , there is always making love involved.

A good sugars baby must not expect a male to take care of her. Although sugars daddys are supposed to be helpful, ladies should not expect a sugar baby to look after her. If the sugar daddy struggles to give you reliability upfront, it might be best to discover another, more fortunate man. You will find numbers http://pwrny.com/?p=5564 of ways to make a sugar daddy happy. For one, it’s important to remember that she has looking for biochemistry and biology with you.

If you want to satisfy a sugardaddy who has many sugar infants, you can join sites just like Elite You or perhaps Established Guys. Established Men doesn’t require you to be incredibly rich or have even a uniform profile to sign up. You can also select a dating site with an established account because they will don’t charge a membership rate for glucose babies. Nonetheless you’ll need to be cautious that you don’t find yourself with a scammer.

Luckily, the internet has made that easy to satisfy a sugardaddy. Thousands of people use these sites to fulfill potential sweets babies. There are even free seeing websites. Simply using a site specialized in sugar babies, you’ll be certain to get a top quality sugar daddy in no time. You’ll be able to speak with him, and get the opportunity to satisfy the man of your dreams. You’d by no means regret your decision to meet up with a sugardaddy.